Specialty Conveyor Belt

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

KING brand Acid & Alkali resistant belt is designed to convey corrosive or acid & alkali material in order to prevent the ingredient of rubber from being extracted and pollute the conveying material, also can reduce the corrosion of cover rubber so as to extend the belt life.


Suitable for chemical plant, paper mill, fertilizer plant, mine, port and other environment with acid & alkali material.


Main Rubber Property Comparison

Tear Resistant G F-G F E E B-F B-F B F-G
Abrasion Resistant E E G E G F B-F B G
Fire Resistant B G-E B P P B F-E E E
Weather Resistant B E E B B E E E E
Water Resistant E G E E E B G-E E E
Ozone Resistant B-F E E B-F B-F E E E E
Oxide Resistant G E E G G G E E E
Compression Set G-E G-E G-E F F G F-E G G-E
Acid Resistant (Diluted) G E E G G B-F G E E
Acid Resistant (Condensed) G E E G G B-F F G E
Alkali Resistant (Diluted) G E E G G B-F E E E
Alkali Resistant (Condensed) G E E G G B-F E G P
Synthetic Lubricant G-E B P P P B P E E
Low Polar Lubricating Oil E E P P P E G E E
High Polar Lubricating Oil E G P P P E F E E
Animal Oil, Vegetable Oil G G G-E P P G E E E
Anti-electrical Conductivity B-F E E B-F B-F F G-E E G

E: Excellent, G: Good, F: Ordinary, B: Poor, P: Bad

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