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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Manufacturer - HYC

Located in Taiwan, HSIN YUNG CHIEN CO., LTD. is one of the leading Steel Cord Conveyor Belt | conveyor belt manufacturers since 1964.

ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified, HYC's advanced equipments and production procedures manufactures light-duty, heavy-duty and specialty conveyor belts including rubber conveyor, chevron conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, kevlar conveyor belt, straight warp conveyor belt, etc.

HYC's conveyor belts are specifically designed for various applications, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, HYC ensures each customer's demands are met.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Type of Steel Cord Belt and Application

The Features of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt :

  • Construction:
  • General Type, Rip Stop Type, Impact Type, Special Type.
  • Cover Rubber:
  • Abrasion Resistant, Oil Resistant, Cold Resistant, Flame Resistant, Chemical Resistant, lmpact Resistant, Ozone Resistsnt.
    Steel Cord Conveyor Belt-APP
  • Characteristic:
  • High Tensile Strength, Good Impact, Longer Belt Life, Low Elongation, Good Troughing Index, Excellent Flexibility.
    Suitable for Long Distance, High Capacity, High Speed Transportation.
  • Application:
  • Coal Mine, Mining Field, Steel Plant, Wharf, Quarry, Power Station, Chemical Industrial...etc.
  • Production Range:
  • Tensile Strength ( N/mm ): ST500 - ST5400
    Width (mm): 500 - 2200
    Thickness (mm): Min. 12
    Length (M): Min. 50
  • Production Capability:
  • The specifications of Steel Cord Belt are compliance with the requirements of international standard.
    Other alternations are available also upon customers' requests.

Specification of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Steel Cord Belt Profile
Steel Cord Belt Profile
  • d: Steel Cord diameter
  • P: Distance of Steel cord
  • PR: Skim rubber
  • t: Belt thickness
  • b: Belt Width
  • b1: Central pitch of steel cord
  • b2: Seal Width
  • t1: Top cover
  • t2: Bottom Cover


  • Breaking force (KN/Cord)
  • Fbs ≧ (Kn x b) / (n x 1000)
    Kn: Belt tensile strength (N/mm)
    b: Belt width (mm)
    n: Number o fsteel cord
  • Pull-out force (N/mm)
  • Before heating: Fa ≧ (15xd) + 15
    Atter heating: Fa ≧ (15xd) + 5
    d: Actual diameter of steel cord (mm)
  • Seal Width
  • > 15mm
  • Adhesion
  • Adhesion of rubber and layer ≧ 12 N/mm.
    After test in 10,000 time dynamic fetigue resistant, the steel wire without pull-out.
  • Rubber penetration
  • Test sample in different 100Kpa pressure from end to end, pressure different width 60s < 5 kPa.
  • Tolerance
  • Width Tolerance: ± 1%
    Length Tolerance: Total length≧ 0 ~ 2.5%
    Thickness Even: Range of max. and min. < 平均值10 %
    Thickness Tolerance: Top / bottom cover within-0.5mm
    Pitch Tolerance: ± 1.5mm
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Result 1 - 6 of 6