Kevlar Conveyor Belt

Kevlar Conveyor Belt

Low Elongation And High Strength

Due to the low elongation of Kevlar, it is suitable for long distance conveyor. The high tensile strength of Kevlar(R) fabric is equal to steel cord belt.

Impact, Penetration And Slitting Resistant

The Kevlar(R) fabric is tough to prevent the belt from penetrating or longitudinal cutting by sharp materials, even under high dropping distance, it can minimize the belt damage.

Superior Heat And Fire Resistant

The extreme high heat resistant can prevent damage from hot materials; even the hot burning materials can not penetrate though the Kevlar(R) fabric.

Cost Saving

The Kevlar(R) belt is thinner and lighter than steel cord, One roll length can be longer, the numbers of joint and total installation cost will be lower. Finger joint and hot splicing are recommended and belt can be repaired as same as fabric belt.
The low weight of belt can contribute to energy saving from daily operation.

Corrosion Resistant Rust Free

The Kevlar(R) is a kind of synthetic fiber will have no rust problemand and also corrosion-free, non-conducting will cause no magnetic influence to system.

No Environmental Problem

The Kevlar(R) belt can easily be recycled as same as other fabric belt. There is no need to spend high cost to dispose of scrap belt.

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